05 July 2010

I've Heard It Both Ways

Jessie and I decided to go through the first three seasons of Psych and write down our favorite quotes from each episode. It's a pretty long list, but I wanted to share the highlights:

"Ah, Gus, that thing is brighter than the sun! I think you gave me glaucoma!"
"You can't give someone glaucoma, Shawn."

"I never signed off on cranny."

"Last name?"
"Can I spell it?"
"T-H-E-S-E-A-L-I-O- . . . N."
"Thesealion! French?"
"Never heard of it."

"Banana: A yellow fruit. Also, a kind of pudding. A delicious pudding."

"Dude, the sweet cocoa roundness of your head makes you great."

"It says the body was found in the supine position. So, Gus, if you will."
"What do you want me to do?"
"Lay down. In the supine position."
"Okay. As long as you tell me what supine means."
"You know, supine. Suuuu. Piiiine."
"You don't know what it means, do you?"
"Okay. Mr. Vocabulary wins!"
"It means on your back."

"Would you like some? Wait. Before you answer that: are you a fan of delicious flavor?"

"Physichics! The physics of psychics."

And our hands down favorite from the fourth . . .

"Indian giver! . . . Oh, no. I meant to insult a whole different group of Indians."

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I looove that show! And I know the episode that the last one came from...it was a good one :) Thank you for doing this.