03 July 2010

Lincoln City

Three days in a house with thirty people, sixteen of those under the age of sixteen and ten of those under the age of ten?

Ten under ten. In one house.

One house.

I'm not quite recovered yet, although it was not nearly as bad as it sounds. But it was as loud as it sounds.

We did all the Oregon Coast traditions: Mo's, Depoe Bay, salt water taffy, tide pools, sea shell hunting, walks in the windy rainshine.

We did all the Mitton traditions: pinochle, contribution night, cinnamon rolls, puns, and the general jest and merriment of the uncles together.

It was a good reunion with no major physical or emotional injuries. Although, Tanner, I am sorry I did not bid on the double pinochle. I wasn't thinking. I promise next time I get one I'll take the hand, regardless of my other cards.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure it was quite loud :)

  2. I am VERY sure it was VERY loud!!! But, oh what fun - you have a terrific extended family - on both sides, if I do say so myself.