30 August 2010


Three 50-ish pound boxes shipped = $71
Five 50-ish pound bags to check = $50 + two bad backs
One great movie and a season of Psych = flight entertainment
Three Spokane boys and Four great roommates = lots of tears
One small Starbucks hot chocolate = $3 + airport tradition
Seven hours of travel time = disgruntlement
Six maps = potential disaster averted in rush hour traffic
Two hour time difference = minor jet lag
One pair of Toms and an old blanket = flight comfort
Eleven emotional goodbyes = exhaustion
Five homeless nights = desire for a real bed and house 
One three-week-old Happy Birthday sign = unconcealed glee 
Sixty-seven new 19-year-old girls = open relief 
Seven local family members = some sadness
One missed JC reunion = much sadness and disappointment
Two new classes and One new school = excited anticipation
Three new roommates = semi-nervous anticipation

I think I'll go to Boston.


  1. I never thought about how you would move all of your stuff to Boston. sounds heavy.

    Good luck!

  2. Ah! I'm so excited for you!! I want to see a picture of you in your Toms...in Boston!!!

    You're awesome.