29 August 2010

Every Place I Go

Today's post brought to you by Peter, Paul and Mary:

I said goodbye last night to probably the two most important people from my BYU experience. And it was hard. There is too much emotion involved with someone like that, and it is too hard to know what to say.

But I know at least one of them reads this blog. So, since I don't think I said it last night, I love you. And I will miss you every day.

And just in case you both read it, I love you, too. I know you will do great things.


  1. Did you know I got to interview Peter, Paul, and Mary for the Daily Universe when they performed at BYU in 1964? Have a great adventure!

  2. Nooooooooooooooo. Such a good song but it makes me so sad listening to it while reading your blog.


  3. I love that you posted that song. But I also hate that you did. Sadness.

    Love you,