09 August 2010

22 in B22

So my birthday is done. (Although not really since the biggest present won't be here until the night of the 25th.) We had to make some minor adjustments. . . .

Due to potentially inclement weather, Allison's Super Awesome Birthday Party has been relocated to

The Elms
43 E 700 N B22
Provo, UT

Come celebrate turning 22 in apartment B22 . . . catchy, no?

The party was lovely, as was dinner at Todd and Allison's last night. Flank steak (yum), lemon cake, and Harry Potter Scene It. What could be better?

It seems people are often most interested in loot, so here are some pictures . . .

And with the money from Grandma, I will be purchasing these:


  1. We should get together! Maybe a tuesday night? Next tuesday?

    Let me know :)!

  2. PSYCH!!!! :) Good "Toms" choice!

  3. Happy Birthday, Allie! We thought of you yesterday :) 22?? Where has the time gone?