11 August 2010

Three Weeks Left

I'm leaving Provo in 19 days and never coming back.

Okay, that was a slight exaggeration. I'm sure I'll be back, but I don't think I'll live here ever again. And while I normally have no problem with that thought, I'm currently feeling a little nostalgia (dangerous emotion, that). There are so many things I feel like I missed. You know the "I've Never" game? I guess usually it's a drinking game, I've never played it (no pun intended), but there are a lot of Utah experiences I could put on my list.

I've never . . .

--been to Sundance,
--hiked Mt. Timpanogos,
--done anything in Moab/Zion/Canyonlands,
--gone skiing,
--shopped in Park City,
--floated in the Great Salt Lake,
--seen the Savior of the World,
--driven the Alpine Loop,
--bowled in the basement of the Wilk,
--visited the dinosaur museums.

I did, however, see the Kennecott Copper Mine a few weeks ago. It was pretty sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Ok, Allie - on that list you could do quite a few before you leave!!! If you drive the Alpine Loop, you will also get to Sundance and you could hike part of Timpanogos - all in one day! I guess skiing is out - but you could go to Park City and see the Savior of the World the same day. You could go bowling (try that when the family is there - oh no - all the new students will be there - better do it now -grab a student friend and to with them!) I don't know where the dinosaur museum is, so can't help there. How about a drive with friends next weekend to Zion's and Moab? It would be a great trip! Hot, but great! Good luck - try to do something to make your list shorter! Love, Grandma