27 September 2010

Finale de DC

I'm blogging in the Baltimore airport. How cool am I?

I really should be working on my small presentation for my Copyediting class tonight (AP Stylebook's views on rules starting with the letter C . . . you know you're intrigued), but I can't do that without bragging about my family a little. Besides, I just spent a while actually copyediting; I need a break.

Saturday afternoon I met up with Bruce and Ryan and family at the National Air and Space Museum near the Dulles Airport. So, so cool. Pictures to follow (I don't have my camera cord here in Baltimore), but we saw some sweet planes including Tyler's favorite Concord, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, and the space shuttle Enterprise. The kids loved the planes. So did the adults. Shoot, everyone loves planes.

We had a delicious dinner before the boys had a campfire with s'mores while Karen and I went to the Relief Society broadcast. It was great, particularly President Monson. And then the lesson in the third hour on Sunday was on judging as well. I think it was all summed up nicely in this idea:
If attitudes, deeds, and compassion were reflected in physical features, what would I look like?
Church on Sunday was fun. I hadn't been in Sacrament meeting with little kids for a long time; Ava and I enjoyed reading her Quiet Book. We also had fun at the house reading stories, playing Zingo, and just chatting away (she was doing most of the chatting). Ryan gave us a driving tour of Leesburg (very beautiful place) and Karen and I watched The Blind Side, so I finally saw the end. Good movie. Good weekend. I think the highlight may have been Relief Society on Sunday though---Carter came with me since Karen was doing Primary and Ryan was teaching the High Priests. He was so tired and quickly fell asleep on my lap. There's nothing like holding a sleeping baby. It was so calming. 

I'm thinking that Ryan and Karen will become my replacement Todd and Allison. Thanksgiving, maybe?

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