25 September 2010

DC Day Dos

This whole humidity thing is not so fun. Maybe the Universe hates me; they say it's been really nice up until I got here.

But even with the humidity, yesterday was a good day. Worked on some publishing stuff in the morning and the Andy played hooky and went into the city with me to meet up with uncles Ryan and Land Baron Bruce. (He didn't really play hooky, he just got shingles and his principal didn't want him teaching a bunch of kindergarten girls. Haha.)

We saw some pretty cool stuff, and it was a great group to be with to do so. Our first stop was the Department of Treasury where we got to take a tour to see how money is made. It is made very similarly to Nike signage and gift card packaging; I felt a little like I was out on the floor at WG&D/PC. It was amazing to see all that money and all the stuff they do to try to secure it. We also got to see the new 100 bill, which should be coming out on 10 February 2011, although the security guard in the gift shop said they might have to delay it a bit.

Next stops, two more museums. This has been a museum-filled week. Smaller ones that none of us had seen before, the Freer and the Hishhorn, which contained a lot of Asian artwork and pottery and then a bunch of modern art. The Freer had a tiny Egypt room as well, but it sadly does not compare to the MFA. I think one of our favorite Hishhorn pieces was probably this one:

We could touch it and didn't set off any alarms. Although that's probably still frowned upon.

After parting ways Andy and I walked around the mall a little bit (not the shopping, the historical one) before heading back to his apartment to meet up with his roommate for dinner. We took the metro to Alexandria and wandered around before they forced me to make a decision on the restaurant ("You chose to visit, you have to decide. If this were your last meal, you'll be executed in a few hours . . ."). We went to a Spanish place and ordered tapas. Some of them were really good, others not so much. The salmon and asparagus were particularly delicious. But I really liked Alexandria, Kevin called it quaint; lots of brick buildings, trees, a lot of small shops, everything felt older. It was nice. We also talked a lot about the Masons, and apparently we know very little.

Andy and I spent the rest of the night watching TV, eating Ben&Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream (so, so good), and talking about important things in his life, and in mine. It was relaxing, and it was nice to actually have a real conversation in person. We usually only see each other for a brief time at Christmas.

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