03 September 2010


Who ever thought I'd be homesick for Provo? Not me. No siree, Bob. But there are things here that are just strange. . . .

--I hear Boston accents everywhere and it makes me miss linguistics.
--Ding Dongs are called King Dons. What's up with that?
--They don't sell mapleine. How will I make syrup?
--The Starbucks of the East is Dunkin' Donuts.
--Heat is one thing. Humidity is another thing entirely.
--The only Tillamook cheese we've seen was sliced. Sliced.
--The butter cubes are different shapes. Although that one's kind of cool.
--My books are still missing, though that will change.
--Did I mention the heat/humidity combo?
--I can no longer walk to Smith's. Or by 99 cent macaroni.


  1. Would you like me send you some mapeline?

  2. Oh go eat some munchkins for me!!!