08 September 2010

Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

This is Mike's Pastry, located in the North End of Boston, apparently the best pastry place in the world. Everyone raves about the cannolis.

This is a story about how I have not been to Mike's Pastry.

On Friday, my mother and I ventured into the city so I could get my student ID and drop off a job application. After a quick trip to Staples, we wandered past Faneuil Hall, to the Boston Harbor, through Christopher Columbus Park, and finally arrived in the North End. We decided to see Paul Revere's house and the North Church before following the Freedom Trail back down to Government Central station and going home to watch You've Got Mail.

It was not as hot as it had been the rest of the week, but we were pretty thirsty, so we stopped at a small cafe just across the street from the North Church and got THE best peach mango smoothies I have ever experienced. You could taste distinctly both the peach and the mango. Delicious. We also purchased a bagel and a muffin respectively, and as we walked outside I remembered hearing from multiple people about this delightful pastry shop. I turned to my mother and said, "You know, Allison and Andy both told me about this great pastry place in the North End and there's always a line. Apparently the cannolis are supposed to be amazing. I can't remember the name, but I bet if we passed it I'd remember." 

Not two minutes later my mother said to me, "Look at that, Mike's Pastry. Isn't that an odd name for a shop in the Italian section of town?"

I replied, "Yeah, it is. That sounds kind of familiar." And we walked on.

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