27 November 2010

A Little Shadow

I have a little shadow and her name is Ava Rose;
She chatters to me all day and goes everywhere I goes.
We read Dr. Seuss and princess books, see pandas in a "zoo",
We got the same ice cream cones at the old McDonald's, too.
She likes to wear my shoes around and pet my curly hair;
She lets me choose which jammies in the night time she will wear.
I love my little shadow, though I'm never left alone.
I'll miss her little piggy feet when I return back home.


  1. Cute poem!!! I am soo excited to go see my nieces and nephews. I have a niece named Ava, and she is a doll, but is growing up too quickly. She is now 9 years old :(. How very nice of this Ava to let you choose her jammies :)

  2. How cute! I'm feeling a little jealous right now!!!! I could totally see her just copying your every move.