29 November 2010


I'm in the basement doing my bedtime prep, which included a little blog reading before I turn off the lights and get into my bed (as opposed to sitting on the opposite bed with my laptop). I happened upon a post by my good friend Kirs, "Put your ipod on shuffle, first 10 songs that play." Strangely, I was compelled to do the same.

This is strange for a couple of reasons: A) I LOATHE shuffle. If you want the soapbox I will give it to you. 2) I'm not a huge fan of these types of posts normally. D) I don't like flat-out copying people.

However, 4) Kirs is not just anybody. I would copy her in many aspects of life.

Although let it be known, I have hundreds of songs and dozens of artists that I rarely listen to, so this is not necessarily representative of my music taste. But who knows, it might be spot-on. 

And so I give you my ten:

1. Work It Out -- Jurassic 5 & Dave Matthews Band
2. Star Bodies -- The New Pornographers
3. Song For Myla Goldberg -- The Decemberists
4. Come On Eileen -- Dexy's Midnight Runners
5. Gonna Make You Love Me -- Ryan Adams
6. Typical -- Mute Math
7. Weakened State -- Sarah Harmer
8. Silver Bells -- Bing Crosby
9. Make Love To Me For Ever -- Snow Patrol
10. Girl Inform Me -- The Shins

Oh, oh, oh, but I can't stop there. Explanations are warranted.

1. From my Jerusalem DVD; I have no other Dave Matthews.
2 & 3. Good bands, rarely listen to those albums.
4. Heck YES. Great 80s music and pep band memories all in one.
5. Sweet Home Alabama soundtrack when I was 15.
6. Oh now we're getting to some good music...
7. I'd forgotten how much I love Sarah Harmer. She reminds me of taking the kids to swimming lessons in the summer, and my dad.
8. Bing! And Silver Bells! And Christmas! Oh, goodness.
9. A bit of a let down, this is not my favorite Snow Patrol song. Many others are better.
10. Good band, good album, good song.

But 11 was probably my favorite. Twenty-Four -- Switchfoot. And then 12 was Work -- Jimmy Eat World. I really need to stop or we'll be here all night...

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