09 December 2010


All I have left in the semester are a critique of group projects and a copyediting final. Unfortunately, I have to wait until next Friday for them to be over.

My house is freaking freezing, but when the heater is on the radiator in my room sounds like it will burst into flame at any moment. Seriously, it hisses and squeaks continuously; two nights ago I thought there were mice in the wall for 20 minutes before I figured out what it was. And then it kept me up for over an hour. At 3:00 a.m.

I guess I'm okay with Booth and Brennan not being together, but Booth in a serious relationship with another woman? And me actually starting to like her? This seriously bothers me. And THEN I watched tonight's episode. What? It made me so sad. (Melis, you need to watch it. Take a break from studying.)

Apparently the Rosetta Stone is in the British Museum. This has been on my mind for a few weeks now; I could have sworn I saw it in the Cairo Museum. But it's definitely in London. So what on earth did I see in the Cairo Museum that I thought was the Rosetta Stone??

Windchill is a horrible thing. I've never really experienced it before.

I'm in a little bit of a music rut. I keep listening to the same playlist over and over while I'm on the T. It's the playlist that reminds me of the summer and the Elms.

I think I'm just ready to be done. Only nine more clues until home and Christmas and Provo and Mary's wedding.

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  1. Can't you get your manager to fix the heater? That's lame. Hey, I really did have 2 mice in our heater vent. It totally grossed me out. And Mary is getting married? Sweetness! Have fun!