03 December 2010

Unrelated Information Para Ti

Minor Pandora pet peeve: When I listen to my Christmas stations and I hear great piano arrangements that are not available in sheet music form. Seriously, I spent an hour looking for two different artists; they don't sell their arrangements. plplpl, why???

But you really ought to look up Tim Janis's Christmas music. I love it.

So I was trying to fiddle with my Emerson schedule for next semester today. I was semi-successful. If the classes I want don't have spots by the beginning of next week, I think I'm going to email the professors and beg. But I'm not going to pay thousands of dollars and then not get the classes I want and that I feel will further my semi-thought out career choice.

Speaking of, I have a list of 71 magazines to which I will be looking to apply for internships. If you have any that you feel ought to be added to the list, feel free to send suggestions my way. I'll apply to anything and everything; I don't have a particularly strong subject preference at this point. I'd love (love, love) something that I'm actually interested in or would read, but I don't want to be that picky. Besides, a cooking or homestyle magazine could be fun. As could the American Girl magazine, which I haven't looked at since I was twelve. But who wouldn't want to work for American Girl?

Anyway, any and all magazine/journal internship ideas are currently appreciated and encouraged. Who knows, maybe you will discover my dream job.


  1. I have been hoping for a particular song's sheet music for years. Frustrating.

    Magazines: Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks Etc. (BHG branch), any Northridge Media . . . can you tell what my hobby is? :)

  2. What does plplpl mean?

  3. have you thought about BYU magazine? I know an associate editor there, Brittany Rogers, Paul's best friend's wife. She gets to do some fantastic stories, and she'd be a great person to talk to if you need advice from a young female BYU grad. :)

  4. How about "Real Simple" - Grandpa would also want to include "Western Horseman" - actually it is a very nice magazine - beauitful pictures :)