02 December 2010

A Mitton Christmas Home

I discovered something this evening.

I have very particular opinions about the way to decorate a house for Christmas. I think I get this from my mother.

I spent Monday and Tuesday playing with cousins and helping my aunt Karen decorate her house. I fluffed wreathes, measured ribbons, held pine branches, and judged the placement of everything she put up. It all looked wonderful: artfully arranged, colorfully coordinated. Even the Charlie Brown tree looked lovely. While my mother has different decorations, the sense of style and class is the same, and I greatly appreciated this. I also expected nothing less from Karen; nor would I from any of my aunts.

Tonight a roommate and I put up some decorations of our own (and by "our" I mean "her" because anything I had is sitting in a box in a garage in Oregon). Apparently she and I have differing views on decorating. There is nothing wrong with that, she doesn't have to like things the same way I do (even though my way is more aesthetically pleasing). But if I were king of everything, my house would look very, very different. More like Karen's, or my mother's.

And I would have a mitten tree.


  1. Oh the mitten tree! So what did you think of Betsy's decorations? b/c I'm pretty sure she was the only one that really decorated. Bahaha, oh that apt.