05 January 2011

I love my Ducks

One of our favorite Christmas treats in the Mitton home is the Burgerville seasonal chocolate peppermint milkshake. The balance between the chocolate and peppermint flavors is beautiful, the peppermint chunks are just the right size, and the shake is always thick and creamy. Delicious. So when Mom and I were returning from a semi-successful shopping trip yesterday, we stopped at the drive-thru to get Yukon Gold fries (also delicious) and check if they had any chocolate peppermint shakes left.

They didn't.

However, the voice in the machine did inform us that they had a peppermint shake, "just arrived today," said the voice. "It's green peppermint, and it comes with yellow sprinkles." My mother looked at me dubiously. "Should we try it?" she whispered. I nodded, stipulating, "Let's just get one and share it."

We really ought to have more faith in the institution that is Burgerville. It came out all lovely, tasting like a sip of Schwan's peppermint ice cream in liquid form (because we all know they have the best peppermint ice cream). We were puzzled a little by the specifications of green peppermint and yellow sprinkles given by the voice, until I read the receipt.

Yes, even Burgerville loves our Ducks.