12 January 2011

Not Completely Unexpected

So I've done a lot of things since my previous post and haven't documented any of them. Whoops.

But good (or at least interesting) news, this post is brought to you from . . . Provo!

Specifically, BYU. Sixth row of computers in the NOSH (that's said "Nosh," not "no shh"). Because apparently Boston looks like this:
Photo from NPR

And I got this text from a friend just 30 minutes ago:
I'm sorry to hear you are stuck! The city is shut down. No one went to work. The streets in brighton aren't even plowed!

So even if I HAD gotten on my flight instead of changing it last night I wouldn't have been able to reach my house. Thank goodness for the foresight to change the flight again. Although I'm still skeptical that they won't cancel the Chicago leg. So this is my second unplanned day in Utah. Good thing I over pack. 

So good luck to you Northeasterners. I'll take Utah's sunny cold over the blizzard, although I am a little bummed I don't get to spend the day watching movies and drinking hot chocolate.

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  1. You could still sip hot chocolate and watch movies! Hope you get back home safely - Chicago is not a fun place to get stuck - we did once! We did get a hotel room, but the cab driver took us to the wrong hotel - but we finally got to the right one when so many people were having to sleep on the floor at the airport! If you get stuck, call me and I will try to find you a bed :)