11 February 2011


Por quoi? you ask.

Crazy week. Tons of class and internship stuff. I even wrote a poem. A very bad poem, but a poem nonetheless.

However, Wednesday was freaking awesome what with the lecture and the literature class I enjoy (even if I disliked Snow). And today? Best day of the week.

Por que? you ask. (You're multilingual.)

I worked (yes, worked) for two hours at Groiler Poetry Book Shop. Cutest tiny bookstore ever. I felt like I was in You've Got Mail; all I need is Tom Hanks and a vase full of daisies. Then I did some internship stuff (meh), but afterward I met up with a friend and his friend to go to Bartley's Burger in Cambridge and explore Harvard. Then I ate waaaay too much cake and waaay too many cookies and the perfect amount of chips and salsa at a birthday party. And I talked to people I haven't talked to before. It was lovely. And I realized something.

ماذا؟ (You say in Arabic. All I know is, "I'm not married.")
This is what I realized (again, I know it other times too): I like living here. 

But man, it is exhausting.


  1. Do you get to work at the book shop again? That sounds like so much fun!
    Who taught you to say "I'm not married" in Arabic?

  2. Was that a one time job thing? Sounds like a good time. I miss you.