09 February 2011

Why yes, I DID meet a foreign journalist today

Today Iason Athanasiadis came and spoke at Emerson. He is a British-Greek freelance journalist who lives in Istanbul and covers the Middle East. He was in Tehran during the Green Revolution of 2009 and did a documentary with PBS about it that won an Emmy. (He was also thrown in prison for three weeks while he was there.) He studied Middle Eastern studies and Arabic at Oxford and then in Tehran. He speaks Arabic and Farsi, among other languages (I think the total count is six). He writes, photographs, and does videography, all of which are amazing. He said he likes being freelance because it means he can cover the events he wants through the medium he wants and tell the narration he wants to tell. That would be so cool.

Originally he was going to speak about Tehran, but having just spent two weeks in Egypt we spent most of the time covering those events. And oh my goodness, did he know what happened. He was right there in Tahrir Square for a good majority of the time. His photos were amazing. Truly stunning. (Really, you should look at them. Here, I've linked for you.) I talked to him briefly at the end of his address too; very friendly, very polite. Man. 

I've loved Anderson Cooper for years, but he may have just been replaced.


  1. i wish they had a like button like they do for facebook. But consider this post "liked." I MISS YOU!

  2. Is that blood or paint in the pictures? That's cool you got to meet him.