19 February 2011


I just realized that diction and dictionary are related. Sweet.

Anyway, I purchased a book today. I should not have done it considering I have no money and no source of income, but I read about this book just last night and was so intrigued by the concept that when I saw it today at the Harvard Bookstore I had to get it. I read 80 pages on the T back from the North End (very fun, freaking cold) and it was delightfully beautiful and very relatable. I love it. Would you like to know which book it might be? (Of course you would; otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.)

The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan.

The review I read last night by The Story Girl is much better than one I could do, so read it. But I will include one of my favorite definitions para ti (except in theory more than one of you is reading this, so it should be para ustedes? No se [con un acento sobre la e]).
cadence, n
I have never lived anywhere but New York or New England, but there are times when I'm talking to you and I hit a Southern vowel, or a word gets caught in a Southern truncation, and I know it's because I'm swimming in your cadences, that you permeate my very language. 
I love it.

I also loved writing a 1200 word article on potato slang. Apparently there is quite a bit of it in the English language, and I loved looking things up in the OED, COHA, and Ayoto's Oxford Dictionary of American Slang again. Man, I miss ELang classes. This, too, was written in dictionary form (although written by moi). It was fun to research and fun to write; hopefully the editing process will be fun as well. I get to meet with our editorial team on Monday to determine which of the fourteen potato articles will be appearing in our dummy magazine (what wonderful responsibilities I as the assistant publisher have). I was also told I get to make executive decisions when conflicts arise. Sweet.

Now I'm off to read letters E and F in The Lover's Dictionary before bed. Goodnight, darlings.

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  1. This sounds like a fun book! I'll have to add it to my queue of books that I am very slowly getting through.