16 February 2011

Anyone Who Says Otherwise

Sometimes I wonder if there is a certain amount of emotions/experiences/opportunities in the world and if someone else gets one the chance of you getting the same one is less likely. It's the idea behind our slight jealousy/disappointment when something really good happens to someone we know. Like, "Oh, she just got that awesome internship. Cool. Fewer chances for me. . ."

Tonight I had serious problems concentrating in my literature class. Not because I disliked the discussion (although at one point I really did want to kick a girl), but because I could not ignore the shooting pain in my hip and leg. My broken (really it's arthritic, yeah, whatever) foot was aching too. Maybe the weather is changing again. Either way, I did not appreciate having a body that feels like it's 50 when it's only 22. But you can appreciate it; the more pain I have, the less there is left in the world for you. 

Just so we're clear, I know that is not actually the way the world works. Just on occasion I contemplate it, that's all.


  1. Is that the foot that you hurt Freshman year? Still bothering you? :(

  2. Darn, sorry Allie. I remember that used to hurt you. There isn't a fix-all cure?