27 February 2011


So I've been thinking about my essence.

Not mine, per se, but the idea of an essence in general. Your being, what it is that makes you who you are, and how you identify it and define it. There are books that discuss the idea of having a word to encapsulate who you are (Eat, Pray, Love; The Brothers Karamozov), or so I've heard, and I feel like the idea of discovering your essence is similar. I have a friend who has been discussing this lately and determined the essence of my roommates (ancient Egyptian, Native American), but we don't feel like he knows me well enough to know what mine is (yet). We'll have to wait until we're better friends. Until then, I'm thinking about it, but you can't discover what your own essence is, that isn't how essence artistry works. Or so he says.

On a related note, I refuse to change my zodiac sign to Cancer just because some astrologist decided that the moons aligned wrong and they added a new one to adjust the calendar. I'm keeping my Leo. Besides, they say anyone born before 2011 doesn't actually have to switch.


  1. Hmmmm, I think your essence is a Leo inside of a mouses body. Your a spitfire.

  2. That just means your confident, by the way.

  3. I'm leo too!! And essence...I've never really thought about that before but it sounds intriguing. I think I'll give it more thought.

  4. If you find your essence, will you make it into a perfume?