28 February 2011

A Few Thoughts on February, Revised

On the first day of the month I shared my feelings about February.

I may have to rescind them.

During this February, of the year 2011 a plethora of positive things happened:
  • Two classes were canceled due to snow.
  • I wrote a poem that was described by my professor as "dark and bloody" (awesome).
  • I explored more of Cambridge and Boston with some great people.
  • Kait and Erik found out they're having a boy (yay!).
  • I received full points on a quiz that I thought went horribly.
  • An amazing foreign journalist came to Emerson. 
  • Bishop H. David Burton and Elder Claudio M. Costa came and spoke.
  • Half of the JC group got engaged or pregnant (those who are pregnant are also married).
  • I discovered the Weepies. 
  • There was one day with 50 degree weather.
  • I did not get sick (the curse is broken!).
  • I made several new friends.
  • I drove for the first time in Boston, and it was so easy! (It was also late at night.)
All good things. But the best thing of the entire month (best of the entire year right now) happened on Friday and officialized (so not a word) today:

I received a full-time job as a "marketing operations coordinator" with LandVest, a high-end real estate company in Boston (specifically the Financial District; this is a real job, guys).

So February, I'm sorry. This year you were good to me. I promise to speak well of you from here on out (but don't even think about being mean to me next year).


  1. amazing! i am so happy for you! i can't wait to hear the details!

  2. Allison that is sooo AWESOME! I'm so proud of you. Man I want a real job like that. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Allie, Congrats on the job! That is great. I'm glad you had such a fun, positive, month.

  4. Congrats! I hear the sighs of relief coming from Tualatin :) Write and tell us exactly what you are/will be doing.

  5. Yay! That is great about the job.