25 March 2011

Feeling Meh

I had a great blogging idea earlier and have completely forgotten it. I guess that happens on the third day of low-grade fever.

I had this conversation with Jessie today:

2:42 PM me: were you so sad last night?
 Jessica: yeah
2:43 PM me: I wanted to cry when we went into overtime because I knew there was no way we'd make it
 Jessica: wow you unfaithful not-a-true-fan
2:44 PM me: they were so tired
  and Florida was playing Jimmer so hard
  you could tell five more minutes would hurt them
 Jessica: it doesnt matter you are still unfaithful
 me: hahaha
2:45 PM I've never had that much faith in BYU
 Jessica: understandable but still
 Both my sister and brother want to throw me out for not believing in BYU. But I believed! And look what happened. 74-83. That's okay; they did way better in the tournament than I've ever seen them do before. Or will for thirty years.

Favorite Weepies song from an album I don't own but do listen to on grooveshark:

Please ignore the pictures and just listen to the music. I didn't make the video.

K, off to buy these shoes. So sorry for the nonsense post. Can't promise tomorrow will be better.

Oh, and so totally jazzed that Arizona beat Duke! Way to go, Arizona. Now let's see Richmond, VCU, Marquette, and Kentucky do as well. Wouldn't it be sweet to go into the Elite 8 with no Number 1 or 2 seeds? Heck yes it would.


  1. I like your nonsense posts. I also like your shoes.

  2. I see you must have inherited your mother's love for shoes! And aren't you happy with the Final Four!!!