24 March 2011

Dead (Potentially)

I'm getting sick. I can feel it coming; it started Tuesday night, although I don't think I realized it then. It was creeping through me yesterday, I could feel it in my bones and behind my eyes. Plus I had hot and cold flashes all day long, but my office is the same temperature it always is and I'm only 22.

Why, hello fever. Nice to see you too. Couldn't you have come in FEBRUARY? Like always.


Tonight BYU plays Florida in the Sweet 16. While they performed outstandingly well on Saturday (seriously, so well), I'm a little nervous again. K, no, a lot nervous. Since my bracket is completely shot after last weekend I figured I could cheer for my alma mater, though I do hate all the emails they send me. I'm not a student anymore, I don't need to know about deals for sports events. Sheesh.

But come on BYU! Be good just this once. Again.

Also, go vote here.

I think this one might be my favorite:


  1. I liked that sign too!
    I hope they win too!
    Also, get better fast!

  2. The game made me sad. I'm so sorry that you are sick. And I hate the emails BYU sends me too.