13 March 2011

Feminist Tendencies

For years I've had slight feminist tendencies. Not hardcore, man-hating, bra-burning feminism, just the idea that women should be free to be who they want to be just like men are. Our society is more critical of women than of men, and I don't think that's okay. I don't want men and women to be the same, just to be equally valued and respected and empowered. But I've never really been able to articulate that properly.

Tonight I read a post that expressed very well the sentiments I have. I don't know anything about this woman or anything else that she has said/done, but I liked what she wrote here. I felt like it described my feminist tendencies well. So you should read it. Please, click the link.

Also, read the posts by C. Jane that she references. I really liked them too.

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