14 March 2011


It’s here.

Do you think they’ll kick me out of the BYU alumni association if I only let BYU go one round on my bracket? Jimmermania notwithstanding, they just never do that well in the tournament. But then again, they’ve been given a 3 seed. Of course, getting kicked out of the alumni association means no more obnoxious emails. So it wouldn’t be all bad.

That said, so excited. Particularly if BYU and Gonzaga end up together in the second round. What fun I'll have texting the Spokane boys through that game. Especially since it's so easy for me to hate on Gonzaga. And Duke (who is a 1 seed again). 

As long as I end up in the top 5 of the Mitton Family & Friends NCAA Tournament Pool I'll be happy. (That is actually a lie. I want to win.) I just checked the stats for the last three years, and I've been consistently in the middle. But there's a difference this year: I have graduated. Perhaps that achievement will somehow affect this year's mayhem.

And I think perhaps the best part of the welcome email from NCAA Tournament headquarters this morning was this paragraph:
As you know, the Mitton NCAA Pool has always been at the forefront of technology.  So we're excited about some upgrades we're making this year to improve the global outreach of the Mitton NCAA Pool.  You can now follow us on Facebook, just log on and like "Mitton NCAA Pool".  We've asked Bruce to handle our Twitter feed; he'll be tweeting out updates and insights throughout the tournament.  And due to their proximity to second-round sites, Mark and Tyler will be on the ground and live-blogging from the games in Denver (including BYU's matchup with Wofford) and Ryan will be live-blogging from the games in Washington, DC.  Cancel work and get your tickets, guys.

While I knew he was kidding, I am slightly disappointed that we don't have a Mitton NCAA Pool Facbeook page. I'm tempted to start one, although not enough of the participants are actually on Facebook. So it goes.

Let the madness begin . . .


  1. haha yay! Good luck, I'm excited too!

  2. Love that you have the Mitton pool. Our little family does a pool. I had a hard time placing BYU, and only out of allegiance put them into the Elite 8. (Well, if they DID get that far and I hadn't put them there I would have felt awful!).

  3. Hey is that picture from our old apartment?