01 March 2011

A Get Well Poem

We have a friend named Calvin, and one night he got quite ill;
His stomach, it was hurting, but was not helped by Advil.
The pain kept getting worse and worse, so he checked WebMD;
It was appendicitis, so he called Nurse Melanie.
Mel took him to the hospital; they poked him in the gut,
And several hours later through his muscle they did cut.
They took that organ out of him, but much to his dismay
They would not let him keep it---no, they just threw it away.
He stayed there in the hospital, they kept him overnight,
And while he slept his mom flew in: he gave her quite a fright.
She took him home to rest; he used his quilt with a guitar.
(She prob'ly rested too, because she'd traveled very far.)
We hope our dear friend Calvin keeps on resting and gets well,
For life without him is quite dull; he makes things rather swell.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you are a great poet. Didn't you have another friend that this happened to, too?