04 April 2011

For my Melis on her birthday

Dearest Melis,

I'm sure I can come up with more reasons that I love you than this, but you're only turning 22.

1. You throw my super awesome birthday parties.
2. You are very conscientious of the people around you.
3. You actually enjoy my crazy linguistic-induced excitement and conversations.
4. You didn't hate me when I laughed about Martin.
5. You invited me to come to Sunday dinners.
6. You are supportive of my decisions.
7. You gave me the Oregon map when I moved to Boston.
8. You taught me how to do my hair.
9. You let me use my broken foot as an excuse even when you knew it was just an excuse.
10. You love Bones and 500 Days of Summer as much as I do.
11. You tell me what you really think.
12. You let me cry and know exactly what to say.
13. You shattered my negative Utah perception.
14. You go on fun adventures.
15. You answer all my medical questions.
16. You have great relationships with your sisters.
17. You always made us stop at Roberto's in Cedar City.
18. You are coming to visit me in May (and it will be SO FUN).
19. You run slow with me when we run (unless you try to kill me by the temple).
20. You are concerned about my health and make me eat when I forget.
21. You send packages and post cards of inappropriately-dressed men.
22. You are a great example in the way you approach your life.

Love, Al


  1. Happy Birthday Melissa!

  2. cute picture!! What an awesome relationship you two have. I'm so lucky to know both of you!