15 April 2011

Is it bad that I want to read The Fabulist?

My opinion of Hayden Christensen’s acting changed last night.

He’s pretty, but really, George Lucas could have cast better. That line about Natalie Portman’s skin and the sand in the (second) second Star Wars film? Oooh, kill me now. So painful.

But he does a great Stephen Glass.

We watched Shattered Glass in the magazine class last night, which was excellent. Vague determiner: the movie was excellent, as was the decision to watch it in class. I’d been wanting to watch it for years, ever since his name was one of the passwords for the newspaper staff at TuHS. You know, use great journalistic role models to access your files.

Stories like this are so fascinating. What would possess a person to fabricate stories? At The New Republic? And good grief, he got away with it for three years. At least 27 of 41 stories in three years. It’s wild. And per Wikipedia (which is actually quite a reliable source, you would not believe the hassle it is to get something verified on that website), many of the articles were contested by people in them and TNR didn’t really look into it until “Hack Heaven.” Again, wild.

Now I want to find back issues of TNR and read his stuff. Because he sounds like an excellent writer, even if he is an excellent liar.

This was kind of a pointless post. I’ll give it a point: go watch Shattered Glass. And for some good journalism, see Good Night and Good Luck.

George Clooney is so much more attractive than Hayden Christensen anyway.


  1. Bah, this post reminded me that I wanted to see this movie but never did! I will have to watch it now--thanks Allie!

    Also, your last sentence is true.

  2. I have totally thought the same thing about Hayden Christensen's acting! I don't know how George Lucas made him act worse than he actually can, but he did.