19 April 2011

Shoes Make Things Better, Right?

Sometimes I wake up and wonder why I can't just be at the point in my life when I'll get to sleep a little later and not be tired.

Oh wait. There is no point like that.

Until that nonexistent point, I try to motivate myself with things like finally caving in and buying these shoes on my way home after work:
I luf (pronounced like Mr. Darcy in the last scene in the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice) them.

Speaking of motivation, anyone know how to manufacture it? Having a bit of trouble finding any to write my 20-page Salman Rushdie paper before the night before it's due. Two weeks is too long para mi.


  1. Ohh, I luf them too!! Good choice!

  2. I thought you already bought those. You should take a picture of yourself with them.