13 May 2011

Hello, My Name Is

Some things you may or may not know about Allison Mitton (the first one):

1.      1. Let’s start with that. You know how strongly I feel about my name. What you may not know is that I’m one of three Allison Mittons in my family. I was the first. When my uncle Todd came to visit with my (now) aunt Allison, apparently I told my mother to call me Heather while Todd and “his friend” were visiting. I was four. 

2.      2. I read while walking. I just realized this yesterday afternoon, actually, but if I’m commuting and don’t want to stop reading when the T stops running, I don’t. I read while I walk. Like Belle. Except she sings too. But wait, so do I! If my iPod is on while I’m reading and walking, I will on occasion sing. Or laugh at what I'm reading. People must think I’m crazy.

3.      3. I do not like orphaned words. (If you don’t know what I mean, click here.) Because of this, I also do not like when my paragraphs end with one word on its own line (it should be at least seven characters on that last line of text in a paragraph). I will frequently reword my blog posts to avoid these as much as possible.

4.       4. I don’t have any embarrassing moments. Sure, I’ve been embarrassed, but when I have to play those stupid get to know you games and they want you to share an embarrassing moment, I have nothing. (Why do they ask that question anyway? It seems so idiotic. Like I want to share that kind of vulnerability with people I just met. No, thank you.)

5.      5. I hate it when people reply all to an email that does not warrant a reply all. I don’t need to know if each of the twenty-seven individuals who received an invitation is excited about coming. Just come. 

6.      6. You know the sound you make when you stick out your tongue? The one spelled “plplpl” (per Abby). I can’t make that sound with my actual tongue. And don’t say it’s easy and I just have to try it; I’ve tried. I am not physically capable of doing it. 

7.      7. I edit while writing; I rarely do revisions afterward. I realize that my professors would each, in turn, have a cow, and please don’t tell Roy because I’m pretty certain I did excellently well on the Rushdie paper, but I just don’t write multiple drafts. I mull for weeks and then sit to write and self-correct while writing. 

8.      8. I startle easily. If you walk around the corner and I’m not aware, I will jump.

9.      9. I would love to learn how to play the violin. And the cello. Actually, I think all string instruments are gorgeous and I’m a little bit in love with their sound.

10  10. I actually like to dance. I’m just rather self-conscious dancing with most people. But I’ll dance with the Hunnybunny. Or by myself in my room. Or in the car. (I’ve also recently taken to dancing at my desk to this song. Good thing people rarely walk past.)


  1. How on earth can you sing along to music AND be reading at the same time? Can you think two thoughts at once?

    I totally get the editing while you write though. I don't think I have written multiple drafts since elementary school when the teacher graded those too. It is just more convenient to edit as you go.

    What is the Hunnybunny?

  2. If you want to learn to play string instruments, then just do it! I think you would be very good at it - just ask Aunt Dianne :)

  3. Allie--I like you. :)