24 May 2011

Schkedjewul (this is not phonetic, BTW)

I just purchased plane tickets, and we all know what that means. Right?


Calendaring! The entire summer. Because I want to, because this is the slowest day ever. EVAR.


Anyway, my summer calendar is as follows: (I use too many colons in this post.)

May (end of)
30—Memorial Day. No work.

3–4—Camping on the Cape. (Camping? Really? But it’s THE CAPE.)

14—Becca Snyder moves to Boston! Yahoo!

16–22—Vacation (that is paid!) to PORTLAND. Plans include Megan’s birthday, Father’s Day, (tentative) trip to Powells with Matt, fun adventure with Kirs, watching The Dark Knight with the Tanner-boy and Psych with the Jessica Eve, coffee with Malone (he’ll drink coffee, I will have water, or maybe juice!), and the official visiting of Bruce & Lisa’s new farm. Do they have chickens yet? It isn’t a farm unless the chickens are there.

24—Michael arrives for his good friend and grooms(wo)man’s wedding on the Cape.

25—Quick trip down to Connec ticut for Miss Miranda’s wedding open house.

4—Independence Day. No work.

5—Six weeks of four-hour class two nights a week begins. Hello, Flipz & Dr. Pepper.

A whole lotta nothin’. Maybe a trip to DC is in order? Or people visiting Boston? Abby?

8—Day of birth. Best day ever. Hello, 23.

13—Official end of six week torture Emerson calls “summer term.” Flipz & Dr. Pepper withdrawals will ensue. 

Somewhere around 15—Pam comes back from Arizona. This means much partying.

A lot more nothing. DC here maybe?

1(or 2)–5—Vacation to Buffalo over Labor Day weekend to see Kait, Erik, and the babe. If Erik agrees. But why wouldn’t he agree? I’m his favorite of all Kait’s friends. We saw Kelly Clarkson together.

UPDATE: Miranda's open house is June 18. NOT June 25. Apparently the million other weddings got it confused in my brain. Sad, sad day. No Connec ticut trip para mi.


  1. Bahahahahaha I cracked up about the Kelly Clarkson thing. I guess I should plan an adventure now!

  2. calendaring is so fun.

    also, one of Paul's friends just moved out to DC, so we are thinking of visiting him before Paul starts work. if I don't make it up to Boston (I really should just buy tickets and come!) maybe we should meet in DC?!

  3. Hmmmm . . . guess this means we won't be seeing you this summer, unless we plan a trip to Portland as soon as school is out.

    I really hoped you would make it to the family reunion. :)

  4. so honored that I made your summer calendar!
    And is Miranda seriously having an open house in June?! That is crazy. I want to come!