25 May 2011

My Day in Photos (via the cell phone = super high quality, yo)

I leave for the T at 7:50 (in theory). Usually, I spend the 40 minute ride doing this:

Then I get to walk through the Financial District, including this park:

A typical day at 10 Post Office Square.

First things first, the emails.

Then, a trip to the water cooler.

I go to the water cooler four times throughout the day. Be proud of my hydration.

Grooveshark accompanies me daily. Lately with JEW.

Then I eat breakfast at the desk,

While I do things like this:
Or this.

I try to take lunch as late as humanly possible. 1? 2? Today, it included a post office run.
I have never seen this post office so empty. Ever.

Then to get some food.

Summer bowl with chicken. Yum.

While I work the last few hours, I often stare longingly through the window.

At 5:00 I get to walk back through the park

Before I spend an hour on the T with a book.

End scene.

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  1. Late lunches are my favorite. I had a job once that made me take lunch at 11:30, and I about went crazy.