26 May 2011

A thought (opinion, really)

There are no masculine wedding cards.

Seriously, though. Men get married. Although I suppose cards in general tend to be more feminine.

I spent half my lunch break today in Papyrus perusing the cards, look for one to send that said, "Hey! You're married! Congrats on that; use this gift card to buy yourself the best ice cream scooper in the world. You won't regret it."

There are no wedding cards like that. Instead, they are all lacey and flowery with sentiments like, "Wishing you all the joy true love can bring," or "May your hands be forever joined in friendship and your hearts united forever in love." Some even had poems.


They should make blank wedding cards. Without doves and lace on the front. Those would sell much better.


  1. Ask Aunt Melanie - she makes great cards on demand!