28 June 2011

Oh man. I learned how to type em dashes in Blogger on a PC. — — — This has totally changed my life. (Thank you, Matt.)

Now I just need to figure out the en dash. – I did it! Yes.

I realize that sometimes people ask questions in comments, and I rarely, rarely respond to those. I think I'll take advantage of my new found (new-found?) punctuation skills to do so. Working backwards through April:

Rachel—Yes, I did go to multiple weddings in June, July, and August. Everyone in the entire world got married. Not really. But really.

KirstieBirstie—Seriously? That's totally awesome. I want to go to tram school in Switzerland.

Kait and Janey—I'm glad you like my house! There's a video of it in the archives somewhere. Probably September.

Rachel—I have not read Unbroken, but I like sad books. I'll look into it. (Charlotte, I will also find These Is My Words. And Left to Tell for Krista.)

Jamie—Doing nothing for my foot in Boston. Nothing aggressive, anyway. I take bone-strengthening supplements, that's it.

Kay—No second reads on my summer reading list except Harry Potter. Though I keep finding other books I want to read too, so we'll see how the original list ends up.

Rachel—I can only sing and read at the same time if it's music I know really, really well. But I do it. Crazy, I know. And the Hunnybunny is Miss Jessica. There's a post in the archives somewhere about the name. Maybe last June?

Abby—I don't love the beginning of Mixtape I think because of the drums. I don't know. It's weird. Just the first ten seconds.

Rachel—Connec Ticut is a reference to a Gilmore Girls episode. Season two, episode seventeen, "Dead Uncles and Vegetables."

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  1. Haha, thanks for responding. Never heard of an em dash before....