26 June 2011

Lovin' on Portland

We did a lot of fun things while I was home: Burgerville seasonal shakes, The Dark Knight with Tanner, Murry's puppies, Boggle, delicious berry cobbler and a goat, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I with Jessie, the train game, Psych. But I think my favorite fun things happened in Portland.

On Saturday we went downtown and rode the streetcar from OHSU to NW 23rd Street. It was rainy, which was perfect Oregon weather (even if 3/4 of the family complained).

Dad and the Jessiebelle on the streetcar.

Jake's for lunch. A Portland landmark. Also a place that displays real desserts, not plastic ones. Tanner wasn't aware.

We tried on hats. Cowboygirl Jessiebelle.

Charlie Chaplain?

I told them to be in character. They did well.

Kentucky Derby, here we come.

Portland's version of the T. Except that that's really MAX. This was more fun.

View from the OHSU tram.

From the tram again.

I caught the other tram as it passed! I am a speedy-fast-like-a-jackal photographer.

Dad and Megan on the OHSU tram.
Lunch was delicious, and the OHSU tram was not nearly as terrifying as I thought it would be. In fact, it isn't terrifying at all. I'd ride it again.

Tuesday following I drove up to N Mississippi Street to have "coffee" with Malone (he drinks coffee, I drink hot chocolate). Never been there before, but I found it without incident and even parked on the curb. Of course, finding my way to a parking spot in NW Portland afterward was not so easy; I panicked and stopped six blocks too soon. But I was able to spend a lovely lunch with my kind of old but really more new friend, Charlotte. We both love blog stalking, Gilmore Girls, proper punctuation, and Bones. It was meant to be.

And what's a trip to Portland without a trip to Powell's?

Incomplete, that's what. Hello, three Salman Rushdie books for $27.


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Love the hats.

  2. It was meant to be. Going to lunch with you was a serious highlight of my week. Obviously. I hope you're enjoying season 5 of Bones via Netflix!

  3. And we didn't hang out besides in the car boooooo!! so sad! But I rode the tram for the first time today, and did you know that the operators have to go to special tram school in Switzerland??