28 July 2011

A Love Letter to You


I woke up happy (which is much more than I can say for Monday morning). The pants I wanted to wear weren't wrinkled even though I'd left them in the basket with the rest of the clean laundry overnight, and my hair cooperated (mostly). I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon from start to finish on the T since I keep forgetting to download a new set of General Conference talks onto my iPod. It made the ride fly by. I feel like that's been happening a lot lately, I've really been enjoying studying the gospel more the last few weeks than I used to. I guess it's true that you get out of it what you put in.

On my way to my office I got a call from Thomas, who I love. And then I checked my email and found a very exciting secret that I can't yet share (don't worry, when I can you'll be the first to know). The Maine ads are so much easier than the North Shore ones from last week, and (thank heavens) my stomach doesn't hurt. I'm even hungry! That hasn't happened for four days.

Do you ever think about what songs would play in the background of your life? Today it's the soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer. It always is when I feel like this.

I get to read outside during lunch because it won't be too terribly hot, and class will be fun because we get to see everybody's book covers tonight. And can I just say, I know it isn't modest, but my cover is rockin. Want to see it?

Do you like it? I'm quite pleased. I've been continuously (continually?) surprised at how much I love design. I never thought I was a designer. But I could have spent hours last night making minor adjustments and double checking alignment and all sorts of things. When CS 5.5 finally shows up at my house I don't think I'll be sleeping as much, I'll get too absorbed in various design projects. But I don't love Photoshop as much as InDesign—I think it's that I like to work with the images and text, I like seeing the layout of a page. I like working the minute details of an end project. Really, I'd be happy to spend the day kerning. Crazy, I know.

One day until the weekend and only eleven days until my birthday, and I found out yesterday that the MFA is extending the Chihuly exhibit an extra day, so I'm going to go see it again (third time) on my birthday. And apparently Melis is getting me the best present ever. Even if she won't be planning a Super Awesome Birthday Party this year, I'm excited.

I love good days. I hope yours is wonderful, too.



  1. This is such a great post! I love it all. I especially love your cover design (so much better than the published one), and I think I'd choose continually. Probably.

    Also, I love it that we both have August birthdays.

  2. I love it!! Such am improvement from the last book cover! I never knew you loved designing. I do too. I prefer Illustrator and InDesign over Photoshop anytime. I love designing wedding invitations and just designing in general. Too bad you don't live closer.. :(