18 August 2011

Thanks, Grandma!

An addition to the list:

11) The shoes fit in a 6 if I don't wear nylons. Go figure.
12) I got $5 off because it's my birthday week.
13) This is the second year I've purchased shoes for my gift from Grandma Kathy.

Want to see them? You might not, but I bet my grandma does.

And once for fun while wearing.

Sorry about the poor quality. My camera batteries are totally dead, so we had to make due with the phone.

Oh, one more.

14) Hitchcock night, Strangers on a Train.


  1. Oh my. Those shoes, that skirt. Love.

    And Strangers on a Train is my number-one favorite Hitchcock film. Seriously.

  2. Ah, I love Strangers on a Train too! One of my favorites!

  3. Oh, to be young again and be able to wear such fabulous shoes!!! Love them - thanks for posting the pictures, Allie. Maybe this will have to become a tradition?