01 August 2011

'Tis the Week We All Love Best

My Birthday Week.

I'd like to start out this birthday week with an explanation and a request. I have not always been this excited about my birthday week. In fact, up until two years ago, I never even acknowledged a birthday week. (Those who have known me since then are probably wishing they didn't. But seriously, if pulling out "Because it's my birthday week" will get you the snack/movie/dinner/extra round of Boggle you want, then why not use it? So no, Spokane boys, I'm not sorry in the slightest.)

What prompted the birthday week recognition, you ask? Well, her name is Betsy Wright.

Betsy and I met summer term before freshman year, and we became good friends. Among her many idiosyncrasies is a ridiculous love for all holidays. The year we lived together she decorated for everything, and wanted to start listening to Christmas music in October (which I refused to do, point blank). Her birthday, though, was the worst. As soon as March hit, we'd hear "It's my birthday month!" multiple times a day (Kait and Jamie will back me up on this, as would Danny I'm willing to bet). James and I were prone to agree that a birthday month is ridiculous, hello, it's called a birthday—though I suspect Kait liked it because she loves her birthday nearly as much, plus it's the same month. Regardless, she loves birthdays more than anyone I've ever met. She'd even get more excited than other people about their birthdays.

The summer I moved in with Melis was the first time I'd spent a summer in Provo since that first summer when I met Betsy. Somehow I got it into my head that I wanted a birthday party—something I had not done since the year I turned eleven (ten years earlier, if we're marking time). And so, the Super Awesome Birthday Party was planned, with cake waffles and decorations made by Annie. 'Twas a hit, of course, as cake waffles always are. Because of it, I started requesting a second Super Awesome Birthday Party the next year, and I requested it kind of early (May). The pestering about the party grew into excitement about my birthday, which of course meant the adoption of Betsy's enthusiasm in the form of Birthday Week. Plus it was so easy to annoy the Spokane boys.

And so, with the understanding behind it, I will be celebrating my birthday week all week, in honor of Betsy, summers in Provo, and two Super Awesome Birthday Parties. Perhaps that's my gift this year, Melis? A Super Awesome Birthday Party in a box?

That was the explanation. Now the request: Por favor, please send good vibes toward Boston this week. My stomach and I have not been getting along, but I don't care what it says, I am eating what I want on my birthday, and we (stomach and I) will enjoy it all, darn it. But it'd be easier with some extra good vibes.

Shukran, dears.


  1. Bahaha, I love this post! Betsy killed me with her Christmas music at Halloween, but I'm pretty sure I did the same thing last year. Darn you Betsy, look what you have done to us! Okay, so your waffle party was spectacular. I sent my good vibes per owl mail! I hope that you have a great birthday week!!!

  2. Love it! I was wondering where all this birthday joy was coming from.

  3. Christmas in October? I need to meet this Betsy. We'd make goooooood friends.

    Plus your birthday is 8/8/88 which, of course, is celebratory in itself.

    Happy birthweek.

  4. Crap. That last comment was from me. I guess someone else from work was signed in when I posted that comment. How embarrassing.

  5. I feel like i need to defend myself, but I'm not exactly sure what to say. I believe in birthdays and weeks and months...haha. AND contrary to popular opinion- Christmas music can be played ANY time of the year...the sooner the better!

  6. Yay for birthday week! Oh, i miss all the fun times we had. I remember the cake waffle party vividly. Erik does too... we loved those cake waffles so much. Yumm. Happy birthday week!