02 August 2011

Gift Giving

Ever purchase birthday presents for yourself?

I'm seriously (seriously) contemplating it this year. For my new house. Because, really

From this lovely etsy shop.

We all know it's true. It might be good to remind myself a bit more often.


  1. Um, yes, you need to get this for yourself.


  2. And, yes, I have been to the Portland Saturday Market. I think if I didn't go by summer's end that I'd be expelled from the Portland area and have to go to somewhere like . . . Eugene.

  3. Third comment in five minutes. Heavens.

    Josh found out that they're coming to Portland, and I was so excited until I found out the date. That's the day we're flying to DisneyLand.

    I know.

  4. I totally get myself a birthday present....mostly because Jeff is rather clueless in the gift giving dept. :)