16 August 2011

Two for Two

This morning I left the house on time, only to realize I’d left my wallet again. I turned around, not wanting to cancel a dinner date just because I had no money, and when I got to the T I was late. So it goes. I got on, sat in one of my three preferred seats, read my chapters for the day (2 Nephi 12–15), and decided to end the commute with Death Cab’s Plans. Because, you know, favorite album and all that. Plus, it was rainy.

Anyway, I sat there listening to Crooked Teeth when I realized that again, I should be paying attention to the girl two seats over. This time she was in black pants, a silver blouse, and a pale pink cardigan with black heels. She had long dark hair and was listening to her iPod as well. And that was probably the fact that tipped my astonishment for what I witnessed—a guy standing quite near her, wearing basketball shorts and a T-shirt with TRAIN across the chest, leaned over and started a conversation with her. I didn’t catch the beginning, being slightly too absorbed by Someday You Will Be Loved, but I did catch the ending as we neared Copley.

TRAIN guy: So, have you been here long?
Classy girl: No, I just moved here.
TRAIN guy: Oh, awesome! I hope you like it so far. Well, we’re coming to my stop, I have to head to work. Do you have a boyfriend?
Classy girl: No.
TRAIN guy: Can I take you out to dinner sometime? I’ll give you my number and you can text me yours.

And the classy girl pulled out her phone (blackberry). I was seriously impressed by the guy’s confidence, particularly to approach a girl that well-dressed and already obviously in the middle of something (iPod, remember?) while he was wearing workout attire. Points to TRAIN guy.

I cannot wait to find out what I’ll witness on my commute tomorrow.

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  1. This is why I can't read on the T. I always end up with the book open on my lap but totally ignored as I watch everyone around me. So interesting. And that dude is bold...