17 August 2011


Dear T,
I was sad not to witness something amazing this morning. Make up for it on the way home?

Dear Nottinghill House,
I love you, I do, but the noises you make when no one is home at night kind of freak me out. Quieter tonight?
Your favorite Nottinghill girl

Dear Jessie,
I found some Psych quotes from a game with Tanner last summer and now I'm super psyched (haha, good joke) to start on the fifth season. You should watch too.
Your Hunnybunny

Dear Stomach,
We are not friends anymore. I do not appreciate being psyched out thinking we're on good terms for five days only to have you hate me again. No more mood swings, are we clear?
The rest of Al's body

Dear Kait,
Is it okay to call? I really want to talk to you, but I don't know the protocol for new moms and phones.
Will's favorite non-related aunt

Dear Jessica Simpson,
I really love your Oscar line. I'd love it even more if it were available in a size 5.5
Thank you,
A potential customer

Dear 5:00 p.m.,
Please come faster.

Dear Jannie,
I have a dad crush on you.
I miss your face.
Your favorite roommate

Dear Boston,
The rain this week was great. We don't have to hit humidity again before fall. Let's just hop to it (but avoid winter for a really long while, please).
An Oregonian
P.S. What's the deal with calling milkshakes frappes? That regional difference is strange to me.

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