09 August 2011

Yom Huladet Shukran

Thank you for the phone call. I'm sorry I missed it. And thank you for your call, too. I'm so glad I managed to answer yours. 

Thank you for making my birthday cheesecake. And for being my buddy. And so sympathetic. 

Thank you for the book. I know you loved it, and I'm looking forward to getting to it when my life slows down. Though for the record, it's because of you that it's so crazy, you know. This project with your stories just might kill me. 

Thank you for the only birthday gift that made me cry. Granted, it had a little help from a long day and a painful stomach and a lack of sleep, but still. Though come to think of it, I feel like crying has happened in some form or another with you on all my birthdays. This may not be good. 

Thank you for coming back for my birthday. (I know it wasn't for my birthday, but let's pretend it was.) And for feeling like no time has passed. And for letting me listen.

Thank you for the skirt and letterpressed postcards. They are all gorgeous. I wish I were half as talented as you. Really.

Thank you (and you too, really) for indulging my birthday week ridiculousness. And for being willing to make a cake even if you didn't end up doing it. And for the banner and the horrible "why we love Allison" game.

Thank you for the attempt at a birthday card. You have no idea how much that information made my day. I love that we're friends.

I'd thank you for whatever great idea you had that didn't work out, but you won't tell me the idea. So I think I might withhold that thanks for now.

Love you all (and everyone else),

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  1. I really did have every intention of going to Powell's and finding the perfect card. And I was even trying to devise a way to get your address without you knowing (can you say creepy?). And then I lost my job so every thoughtful intention fled my mind.

    Regardless I hope that your birthday and birthday week were entirely wonderful. I love being your friend too. Like, really.