03 August 2011

Narcissism Is Allowed During Birthday Week

I always put some thought into my birthday attire. In looking at photos from past birthdays I’ve discovered a pattern or two. Care to discover them with me?

Too bad if you don’t, you’re going to anyway. It’s my birthday week.


My hair was way too long. Goodness. But I did love that brown shirt. (In all honesty I still do, but it’s old and worn out, so I usually just wear it around the house. Sad day.)


Birthday on a Wednesday that year, and I went to work at WG&D. Apparently I wore my favorite green shirt (I’m assuming with capris, or maybe my black dress pants, depending on the weather that day). 

Also, please observe the nice smoke-capturing this photographer did. I'm assuming maybe Mom. Or Lisa. Either way, very well done.


Though it isn’t visible, I wore the green shirt again this year. In fact, I distinctly remember thinking, “I wore this on my birthday last year. Maybe I shouldn’t. But I don’t care; it’s my birthday and I can wear whatever I want.” Of course, after I opened my Portuguese present the attire was altered a little. (Mac, I found out last summer, was desperately jealous of that jersey. As are many boys it seems.)


Stripes. And the neckline is a little nautical, don’t you think? I love that neckline. Also, observe the necklace (favorite necklace, of course). I’m fairly confident it has made an appearance at every single birthday since 2004.


Sadly, we have no photos of the actual birthday (or the party). At least, that I know exist. Actual birthday was a Sunday and I wore the red dress. You know, the one saved for special occasions like weddings (see photo) or dates to the symphony. For the Super Awesome Birthday Party, though, I know I wore this striped cardigan

And so we see 1) I wear my favorite clothing on my birthday, 2) my favorite clothing is becoming a little less casual over the years, 3) the stripe love started in 2009 (maybe earlier, I know I had that shirt prior to Jerus), and 4) I'll probably wear that necklace until the day I die. 

All photos stolen from Facebook. While 2007 and 2008 were taken by me, the others came from Abby, Megan, and Annie respectively. I'm sad I won't be sharing my birthday with any of them this year.


  1. Hey what did we do the year we were roommates?

  2. Ah. The red dress. Love the red dress.

  3. I liked your hair long. and I like that picture of us too.