31 October 2011

Not My Fave

So, Halloween is not my favorite holiday (see: Thanksgiving). In fact, it is not even my favorite fall holiday (see: Thanksgiving). But it comes every year, and every year I am asked to dress up even though I am far away from nine years old. I guess you don't grow out of Halloween until you have your own kids?

Pictures blatantly ripped off Pam's facebook album:

That scarf made the Professor Trelawny costume.

This is by far my favorite photo of the evening.
All personalities and relationships of these four are perfectly represented in the photo.

Beyonce and Jay Z. Best costume of the night.

The pirate had a real knife. See following photo.

There it is. This one stolen from Michelle.
Also, remind me to tell you the Andrew stabbing his throat while licking a knife story if you haven't heard it (so gross).

K, this might have actually been the best costume of the night.
People can be clever.

Saturday night Calvin, Danielle, and I braved the snow and went to Austin's house to make caramel apples (Danielle made the apples, I ate much caramel, Austin philosophized, and Calv talked about his new coat) and watch a scary Spanish movie. Then we made ourselves feel better by watching the funny parts of Babies. (See: Japanese baby collapsing on the floor in despair. Also, Mongolian baby being pushed in a stroller down the road and left by older brother.) 'Tis Netflix streamable, if you so desire. And trust me, you do desire.

I'm all Halloweened out. Tonight? Sweats and TV, thanks. And maybe some candy corn.


  1. I'm Halloweened out, too! Love the scarf.

  2. So when you refer to me, I am "the pirate" and yet the other pirate is referred to as "Michelle"? I see how it is...

  3. Um, I saw these pictures, and my friend Rachel was also at this party (she was the hamburgler!) You should be friends with her, she is super cool!

  4. So I'm not a super big dresser-upper (totally the appropriate term), but I do enjoy Halloween. I think it's because it's one of the few non-meaningful holidays so it's just all fun and silliness. Plus I like being spooked out sometimes. Not terrified out of my mind. Just spooked a little.