01 November 2011

Bandwagon (boo)

I know this is not my idea, but I like it anyway because it mirrors something that actually was my idea:

All blog posts during the month of November will include some gratitude.

As for my own idea, one I've been doing for the last three years, the week preceding Thanksgiving I pray what I refer to as "thankful prayers." Spend a week only focusing on gratitude and not asking for anything. It changes the entire day, and Thanksgiving is marvelous.

So today: I'm so glad that I genuinely enjoy my classes this semester. If I didn't, life would be miserable. But I really look forward to class each week, and I have such a great time (especially Tuesday/Thursday). 


  1. It's ok, I'm doing thankful posts, too. Who cares if everyone else is? It just matters why you are doing it--for you. Love you, Allie.

  2. I like this plan. A lot. And I love gratitude prayers. They're wonderful.