07 October 2011

oy with the poodles already

This has been the longest week of my life.

Okay, maybe not. Third week of December 2009 was long. As was the third week in September of the same year (darn swine flu). And the first week of May this year. But it doesn't matter, I like using superlatives. So let's start again:

This has been the longest week of my life.

Usually when I have eight million things going on (eight million = four articles and an assignment letter to write plus ~100 pages to read for the editing class; revised designs and image research for the magazine class; no fewer than five ads all due on the same day at work; a Sunday School lesson to prepare for the Quakers; and piano accompaniment to learn in a week and a half) time flies and all of a sudden it's Sunday again and where did the weekend go? I had so much to get done! But this week, no such luck. No, this week I had two Thursdays. You think I jest. I do not. It was Thursday TWICE. Which is really disappointing on the second Thursday when you think you've already experienced this and it should be Friday. I swear, yesterday's Thursday was perhaps the worst Thursday I've had in a very long time, if only because it shouldn't have been. (So sorry about the Thursday stacking in the preceding three lines.)

That last sentence (sans parentheses) didn't make much sense. That's what two Thursdays does to you.

Now nothing makes sense in my head anymore. I'm in serious need of a Big Gulp, cherry Dr. Pepper style. (Note on that, I still haven't decided what I think about this cherry Dr. Pepper. I only ever get it at 7-Eleven, but then I saw they sell it at the grocery store—do I buy some to try for longer periods of time instead of just when I want to go to 7-Eleven during work?? Also, let it be known that my Big Gulp purchases are a direct result of my friendship with Charlotte. As is my more frequent use of the word obviously. Obviously.)

And hey, can we talk about that for a minute? Language influences. I've been evaluating my slang terms lately, and I find it a little peculiar whose lexicon I pick up and whose I leave behind. Most of them aren't conscious choices, but I definitely have some sort of internal filter. Only a few people's vocabulary make the cut. I kind of like that my subconscious is just as snobby about language as my conscious mind is. Also, probably about people.

A few other thoughts from the long week, then I'm out (and might go die under my desk):

Still on the fence about New Girl. I love Zooey. But she's a little too dumb. And it's the same story every single episode. I don't know, we'll ride it out and see. (The opener for episode two was hysterical, though.)

It seems like an awful lot of Edgar Allan Poe's characters end up dead inside a wall.

Bacon and chocolate—surprisingly good combo. (See Chocolate Oink.)

Psych season premiere next week. You know that's right.

I've never cared much about Columbus, but thank heaven for him. No work on Monday.

Can we all please be so excited for this? Also, mental note to check out Michael Lewis. (Author of The Blind Side, Moneyball, and Boomerang. Watch Tuesday's Daily Show for an interview.)


  1. First things first, I thoroughly support the Big Gulp plan. Obviously.

    Secondly, I am beyond flattered that obviously has taken up residence in your lexicon. I'm usually the lexicon moocher, and it's nice to know that my own expressive idiosyncrasies are making an impact in the East. (Capitalized because it's a specific region? Please correct me if needed.)

    I feel the same way about New Girl. (Why am I even saying that? Of course we feel the same way about New Girl). When I watch it I laugh and think it's funny, but afterward I'm left with nothing that makes me think, "Wow, that's a show worth watching forever."

    I just can't jump on the chocolate/bacon boat.

    And I'm finally remembering to respond to your queries about Psych. We do watch Psych nad love it! In fact, I'm currently watching an episode right now. I want to watch the new episodes that are on Netflix, but I know Josh will want to watch with me.

    And one more thing--I'll be sending you an email with the requested story this evening.

  2. I think I am the opposite of you. I pick up words and phrases from almost everyone I talk to. It is almost funny.
    Psych is starting! Whaaaat??!?