15 June 2010

Still Prescriptive

We played Boggle multiple times this weekend, and during a game of Deluxe Boggle Sunday night I discovered something: apparently my strong opinions about the English language carry over to what should just be a game of fun. But you can't use a word that is included on dictionary.com only because it once was used as a past participle. If it no longer functions as one except in nonstandard dialects then it should not be allowed in Boggle, Scrabble, or any other word game.

No chance.

And if you ever care,

---irregardless isn't a word (although apparently Google thinks it is), so don't try to use it in Boggle;
---it's I couldn't care less, not I could care less;
---you feel nauseated, not nauseous;
---it really isn't possible to split an English infinitive;
---it is, however, possible to end sentences with prepositions, which is disgustingly colloquial; 
---the difference between less and fewer is count nouns: fewer cows, less milk;
---the reason . . . is because is redundant. It's either the reason . . . is or something happened because.


  1. I love you! I love this. I know I won't remember any of these. :) Thanks

  2. I ditto Becca. But I also have a question...When is nauseous appropriate?

  3. Something is nauseous which makes you nauseated. So I think pickles are nauseous and they make me nauseated. Make sense?

  4. It's not "nauseating"? I'm having visions of pickles puking... heehee

  5. I'm lost. Please don't ask me to play Boggle or Scrablle with you. Connect Four--maybe. Life--you bet!

  6. Seriously, I spelled Scrabble correctly. The comment genie is bewitching me!