04 November 2011


I spent a lot of time this week in the Porter Square T stop.

I'm usually only there twice a day: once on the way to work in the morning, once on the way home in the evening. This week, though, I was there four times on Monday, six times on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday and Thursday, and another four today. That's a lot of Porter Square. And a lot of these:

I counted twice, there are 199 steps in the Porter Square T stop. It's deeper underground than any other stop, and while it does also have escalators, I choose to take the stairs. Every single day. Yes, sometimes it hurts, and I'm always out of breath by the time I get to the top, but I'm really grateful for those stairs. I like the feeling of accomplishment, and the fact that they qualify as exercise. Plus, the surprised looks I get from the lazy men on the escalators as I climb up in the heels and pearls that I wore to work are most gratifying. 


  1. Rock those pearls girl.

  2. Could they really not have thrown in one extra stair? It seems very unbalanced to me.

    Also, I walked up and down the stairs at the T stops as much as possible while I was there. And I thought of you.

  3. You go girl! Good for you - wish I had your energy!

  4. Wow! That is a Lot of stairs! Good for you . . . maybe you motivated me to go for a walk today. :)